Managing Stress, Anger, Grief, To Be Useful And Productive

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A friend overseas asked me how am I “managing stress-anger-grief so as to be useful and productive”, in the context of the disappointing US Presidential election result.

I txted her the following, which I’ve expanded and structured here in the hopes that some of these techniques will help others too.

Morning self-care and focus

Start every day with a solid morning self-care routine.

Wake up before sunrise. Drink water, take vitamins, brush your teeth. Eat a small healthy snack or drink.

Do some yoga, or go for a run, or both. At least a 15 minute walk outside near your home, up a hill, by the water, through some trees.

Shower and brainstorm actions for the day. Eat a proper breakfast.

Execute on things that matter, and continuously let go of (ignore), cut, get rid of distractions, noise, unnecessary things.

Be ever healthier and kinder

Feed your body and mind nourishing food and information, not sugary things that spike blood sugars (and emotions), nor inflammatory media (nor status update social streams, instead, read thoughtful blogs). Eat modest meals regularly and in a timely fashion. Eat dinner early, get to bed early.

Show even more kindness to everyone who is obviously hurting.

Listen to, use, and deliberately process emotions

There’s no time to to let stress or anger distract from all we must do.

When emotions help motivate, tap into them, when they distract, take a break to breathe, relax, take a walk, get fresh air, let go, and refocus.

Then get back to work.

Spend time on good people and things every day

Keep spending time with people you care for, and doing & making plans for all things you appreciate & enjoy so you keep in mind & heart everything you’re fighting for.

That’s a good start. In addition to all that, try to write something constructive every day, if not publicly, at least for yourself, or to friends & family.