My 2017-01-01 #IndieWeb Commitment: Own All My RSVPs To Public Events

on (ttk.me b/4kW1) using BBEdit

My 2017-01-01 #indieweb commitment is to own 100% of my RSVPs to public events, by posting them on my site first, and other sites second, if at all.

RSVPs will be my third public kind of post to fully own on my own site:

For a while now I’ve been posting RSVPs to indie events, such as Homebrew Website Club meetups. Those RSVPs are nearly always multi-RSVPs that are also automatically RSVPing to the Facebook copies of such indie events.

Recently I started to post some (most?) of my RSVPs to public events (regardless of where they were hosted) on my own site first, and then syndicate (POSSE) them to other sites, often automatically.

My previous post is one such example RSVP. I posted it on my site, and my server used the Bridgy service to automatically perform the equivalent RSVP on the public Facebook event, without me having to directly interact with Facebook’s UI at all.

For events on Eventbrite, Lanyrd, and other event sites I still have to manually POSSE, that is, manually cross-post an RSVP there that I originally posted on my own site.

My commitment for 2017 is to always, 100% of the time, post RSVPs to public events on my own site first, and only secondarily (manually if I must) RSVP to silo (social media) event URLs.

What’s your 2017-01-01 #indieweb commitment?