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After only ~5 hours of sleep (note: I recommend getting more), getting up the morning after flying across three time zones, making a last minute decision to Lyft line rather than run 2.6 miles before the workout, I managed to "run" (more like hike) 37 sections of steps at Harvard Stadium, beating my previous record of 32 by 5 sections.

I barely had the self-awareness this morning to realize that I was moving just too slowly to run to the 05:30 Harvard Stadium workout and be on time. I called a Lyft line, and shortly after picking me up, another rider was added. Not surprisingly, she turned out to be a fellow NovemberProject member.

We arrived in plenty of time (~05:25) and even among the large crowd, I managed to find my friend Kat who used to be @Nov_Project_SF and moved to Boston a while ago.

After the bounce we found out we would be running the "Frogman1" workout — 50 sections (or as many as you can) in 45 minutes (or less), starting from the bottom of section 37, up and down every section down through section 13 (thus 25 total), then up section 13 again, and down and up every section back up through section 37 (another 25) for a total of 50 sections.

I had no illusions of completing 50 sections. I started with the third wave of people at the bottom of section 37. I focused on conscious breathing, and pushing myself as much I could while keeping an explicit breathing rhythm (thank you yoga training), and also glanced occasionally at my watch for time elapsed and heartrate (keeping it under 150).

Made it to section 13, redid it, and kept steadily going until I was back to section 22 and heard co-leader Chris shout "3 minutes!" at which point I decided to give it a final stronger (not as sustainable) push to make it to section 24. Made it up 22, up 23, up to the top of 24, and not hearing a time warning, ran down the steps to the bottom of 25. A few steps from the bottom I heard the 10 second countdown.

37 sections would do for today.

A full tour's section count if not an actual full tour of the stadium, which will have to wait til next time.

Thanks @Nov_Project_BOS.

Grateful for every high-five, every encouragement, every shout, every hug. Made my morning and definitely helped me finish 37 sections for the first time.

#harvard #harvardstadium #steps #riseandshine #wakeupthesun #fromwhereirun

* 2016-11-17: 27+27 sections tantek.com/2016/322/t1
* 2016-03-16: 28 sections tantek.com/2016/076/t1
* 2015-11-12: 32 sections tantek.com/2015/316/t1
* 2015-03-18: 32 sections tantek.com/2015/077/t1
* 2014-06-11: 26 sections tantek.com/2014/162/t1

Afterwards: went to breakfast at swissbakers with Kat and friends instead of doing doublegang at 06:30, got a ride back to Backbay from Kat, and ran the ~1.3miles back to my hotel to shower, change, and Lyft to make it in reasonable time to the @W3CAB meeting @MIT.

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