#NPSF double PR Wednesday
5:30 34:26s without music
6:30 34:04s tied last month!
Warm & dry but dark this morning. Ran with a headlamp the whole time.

Made it to the #earlygang PR Wednesday and ran it without music no problem. Felt pretty good. Warmest PR Wednesday I remember and was much faster than last month's 5:30 PR Wednesday.

Skipped the in-betweeners abs workout, to drink a bunch of water, eat a clif blok, and easy run to the Fillmore Starbucks for a pitstop.

Decided to try listening to music during the 6:30 PR Wednesday but was only 22 seconds faster than the 5:30 run, yet exactly tying my 6:30 time last month. By the clock, the music didn’t seem to make much (if any) difference, even though it felt like it did.

Previously: tantek.com/2017/270/t1/npsf-double-pr-wednesday

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