a jpg. Finished Mt. Tam Trail Run half in 3:32:20. No music, just breathing, footsteps, wind, and the sounds of the forest and other runners. Barely stopped, but there was something about the sun shining through the misty forest that made me pause here to capture it.

Three hours of focusing on my breath, footsteps, hydration, and energy. Meditative, smooth at times, slippery with tricky roots at others, and an uphill struggle before the last peak up to a total of over 3200 feet of vertical climbing.

Finally about a half hour of using gravity, step-by-step at first, then continuously flowing as fast as I could down through the finish.

10th half marathon, and first trail half race. Thanks Michele for the encouragement to join, and fellow #NPSF racers, cheergang, and volunteers @insidetrail!

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