a jpg. What I packed for a week away to a #yoga retreat @PosadaNatura Costa Rica.
* carried mat and @TheNorthFace KABAN backpack
* everything else fit inside backpack
#neverstopexploring #minimal #thingsarrangedneatly #insidemybag #packing #travel #latergram #nofilter

* laptop sleeve held everything above it except 13" MacBookAir (for scale), which fit in the KABAN’s laptop holder
* red bag held everything above-right & above it

I ended up not using:
* Everything in the far right column
(wasn’t hot enough to need a yoga towel or @Nov_Project buffs, didn’t do a trail run, nor shave, nor need the extra @AnkerOfficial USB battery)

I gave away:
* a few extra ziplock bags to others staying longer in Costa Rica
* @YxYY 005 sunglasses to the Pacific Ocean

Not pictured, what I wore and carried on me en route:
* @ASICSamerica trail shoes, black Experia running socks, @Lululemon 4-way pants, v-neck t-shirt, @HM hoodie
* small notepad, wallett, iPod 6 Touch, passport
* iPod nano 3rd gen, earphones with mic, Skyroam rental mifi
* @Suunto watch, @BowersWilkins bluetooth headphones

Key: quick dry wet-wicking @Adidas & @Lululemon tanktops and lined @Lululemon & @NewBalance yoga/running shorts, easily & quickly washed after daily use while showering. Two pairs is enough to hang one set up to air dry while you wear the other.

Detailed list in a blog post if I get to it.

This the least/lightest I have traveled with for that long away (7 days & nights).

Next least&lightest/days was in 2015, five days/nights away to Orlando, Florida:
* http://tantek.com/2015/345/t2/packed-days-mozlando-fits-boblbee

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