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W3C Process Document for Busy People should start with how to make specs

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Goal: Process Document for Busy People should be tailored to key busy people: technical editors and contributors. They most often need to know how to make progress on a spec. This doc should start there and describe how everything else is in service of it.

tl;dr start with the actual work product of the W3C, specifications, then go meta one step at a time, section by section. Rough outline:

Modest proposal: start with W3C Recommenation (Technical Report) Flow: The "Recommendation Track" — that diagram is key and perhaps the most referenced thing (second perhaps is the Modifying a W3C Recommendation diagram and section). Include all the material up through just before Communication.

Everything else, e.g. W3C Groups, TAG, AC, AB, Leadership section should all follow from there.

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