a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. Beautiful Saturday for a #trailrun in the #Marin #hills at #SFRC! Steady 12 miles, ~2150', 2 beaches, and bones of a beached whale.

#optoutside #getoustide #run #trails #beach #whalebone #whalebones #latergram #nofilter

1 panoramic from Horizonal Control Mark Coyote Ridge 2
2 look back down Miwok
3 view of Pirates Cove from Coastal Trail
4 Pirates Cove beach
5 Pirates Cove looking North
6 Stepping into the coarse sandy surf at Tennessee Beach
7 Tennessee Beach looking North
8 vertical panoramic of sun and mottled clouds over the beach
9 large whale bone
10 remaining whale bones and beach looking South

First long run since my 30k. Quite a sluggish start, took me a few miles to warm-up and get into a good groove. Subsequent hills felt easier than when I ran them two weeks ago. Another bright sunny day with temperatures mostly in the 80s F, much better than the 90s during the 30k!

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