Learned a bunch about shared block lists and unintended consequences & harms.

@unblock_list follows folks "accidentally / maliciously added to various block lists."

See: https://twitter.com/unblock_list/following

Look for red "Blocked" buttons, and Unblock them.
Fortunately I wasn’t blocking anyone there; never used shared block lists.

Avoid shared block lists as the potential for harm is much higher than good.

I have manually blocked 13,329 accounts, mostly for spam, hate/bots, but also years ago for @t mismentions like instead of "at", @-alphabet spams, and "sh@t" mentions.

If I blocked you and none of those apply to you, please reach out to me through a mutual friend or tantek.com/contact and let me know!

on (ttk.me t4wL1) using BBEdit