Five Reasons To Post Positive Things Promptly

1. Stronger reinforcement of positive behaviors. The sooner you post about having finished something positive, the stronger such a positive self-affirmation will reinforce that positive action or habit.

2. Use recency bias for good. Part of recency bias is treating things that happened more recently as more important than things that happened less recently. Thus by promptly (rather than later) posting about a positive thing, it’s seen as more important than if you wait to post about it.

3. Make positive waves sooner. The sooner you post something positive, especially about something positive, the sooner others may see and be inspired by your example to say and do positive things, inspire others, in a likely compounding domino effect of positivity.

4. Beat future negativity. By publishing sooner and getting your positive post out there, you may be doing so before something bad happens in the future that you may have to deal with instead.

5. Details are better sooner. The sooner you can post about positive things that you personally observed or especially participated in (actions, events, accomplishments), the more details you will remember, and the more you reinforce your own short-term (then longterm) memory of the thing! Since that value decreases as the time since the thing happened increases, post the about the most recent thing first to get the details down, the the next most recent thing etc.

(more promptly posted as a note, perhaps worth expanding into an article with citations)

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