December was too busy to post. A few days:
 1 7.6mi rainy trail run(tantek.com/t4yH3); baked my first (apple) pie(tantek.com/t4yM1)
 3 returned to Orlando 3 yrs later, differently optimistic, packed lighter
 9 first Sunday SFRC trail run
10 reframed W3C "agenda bashing" to "agenda gardening"
11 completed 2nd 8-week yoga philosophy study course
15 XFN 15th anniversary, rel=me keeps growing (Mastodon etc.)
16 baked my first triple chocolate chip cookies
18 back to Tuesday track
21 misty Dipsea trail run to Cardiac and back
25 baked my first gluten free pie (also apple)
26 did double-NPSF workout

Individual posts (most with photos) when time permits.

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