Decided to re-activate my @Flickr Pro.
New owner @SmugMug has been around for years and is passionate about photos. They’ve responded well to criticisms & suggestions (preserving CC photos). @DonMacAskill did an AMA recently that showed a lot of care and thoughtfulness: https://www.reddit.com/r/photography/comments/a71mh3/hi_my_name_is_don_macaskill_and_im_the_cofounder/

One example: “We are actively saving accounts for photographers who are no longer with us”.

Dear @Flickr, here are a few more to save. I lost a good friend last year (flic.kr/cindyli @CindyLi enwp.org/Cindy_Li), another the year before (flic.kr/bmindful @tedr), and another years ago (flic.kr/thebrad). I’m sure there are many more early Flickr users who have since passed away. Please speak-up if you know of any.

Flickr already has the best API of any photo site, and thus has the best Brid.gy support for IndieWeb sites wanting to syndicate to Flickr, and backfeed responses.

I have more positive thoughts about @Flickr’s future potential with its new owners, especially with respect to even better IndieWeb integration.  More on that later. For now, see the additional research and links being collected and documented by the IndieWeb Community:


And if you also decide to upgrade your Flickr account to Pro, there’s a 15% off code (FLICKRPRO15) that’s good until 2019-015.

Edit: I’m flic.kr/tantek if you want to follow me there.

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