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Great @mxbck post On Simplicity https://mxb.at/blog/on-simplicity/ via @adactio

Additionally: simpler approaches are more inclusive & accessible, e.g. #microformats & #indieweb

Fewer abstractions = less to learn before getting started.

Simpler = less time cost on plumbing, tooling; faster to build something more useful.

Less time required = more tinkerable by more people, especially those with less spare time on the margins = more inclusive and accessible.

The @microformats and @indiewebcamp communities have deliberately chosen explicitly simpler approaches:
* microformats.org/wiki/start-simple
* making #microformats2 even simpler: microformats.org/wiki/microformats2-origins#can_we_make_the_simplest_case_simpler
* The IndieWeb Building Blocks approach (https://indieweb.org/building-blocks) rather than a monolithic "Stack"

Choosing explicitly simpler approaches is more than just being smart & efficient, it’s ethically the right thing to do.

Simpler is a sociopolitical choice to deliberately provide more creative agency to more people. Beyond just more usable by more people, simpler technologies enable more people to build, adapt, alter, evolve their own tools of creation, rather than depending on a select privileged few to do so.

Previously, previously:
* tantek.com/2018/309/t1/complexity-reinforces-privilege
* tantek.com/2010/034/t3/simplicity

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