sunrise breaking through clouds on the horizon, viewed from Temelpa trail on Mt Tam with nearby backlit treesView from Mt Tam East Peak above the clouds covering all of San Francisco except for Sutro Tower and just the top tip of SalesforceCowSunrise high above clouds in the distance with Mt. Diablo and nearby mountain range just poking through, trees and bushes in the foregroundTantek and Hannah backlit by the sunrise at Mt. Tam East Peak, with clouds, Mt. Diablo, and the bay behind themTantek and Hannah smiling lit up by the morning sun with the Mt Tam East Peak tower structure behind them“It's amazing how productive doing nothing can be.” — Jeff Bridges as #KevinFlynn¹

Set a #sunrise PR #running to the top of #MtTam today, 84:41 #ascent, cutting nearly 4 minutes from my previous #record set six months ago. Thanks to a #beautiful day, chasing speedy pal Hannah, and taking time-off to heal from an injury 33 days prior.

That rainy Friday I #ran up #Tam twice (while pal Bryan was doing 3x), head-slammed a fallen tree on my first descent, injured my right thigh on a hard fall onto slippery solid rock on the second. https://tantek.com/2019/081/t1/ran-tam-rain-twice

Took the weekend to recover, went to the doctor Monday, no concussion (or any symptoms of head injury, somehow no head bruise either), no leg break, just tissue damage. Ran a mile the next day, that night my right knee turned purple and swelled up, apparenty from my internal thigh bruise liquifying and leaking downward. Stopped running after that.

Started waking up every night from knee pain, struggling to get back to sleep.

Three weeks without running, part of it at a yoga retreat, doing yoga twice a day, and plenty of nothing too. On the second night of the retreat the overnight knee pain stopped. Tried a short trail scamper down & up the next day, felt fine.

Gradually increased my #trail running distance and altitude until returning to Tam this morning for the first time since injury. Felt strong so I pushed hard and finally shattered a six month old PR.

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¹ TRON Legacy https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1104001/quotes/qt1412166

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