Yellow flowers among tall grassesTantek and Annemarie on Wolf Ridge with green hills and Rodeo Beach in the backgroundView from above Rodeo Beach and Rodeo Lagoon retreating into Rodeo Valley, one tower of the Golden Gate bridge barely visible in the distance behind the Marin HeadlandsTrail steps surrounded by tall grasses and flowers leading upwards, and a sign for Rodeo Valley TrailTrail with two grooves in it heading uphill between tall grases up to more hills, and a sign for Upper Rodeo TrailRed flower with a darker ring inside, and yellow inside that, above some grass and dirt🌼 Beautiful morning to #run a #trail half in the #Marin headlands with #SFRC. Trails surrounded by more #flowers, taller plants, and lusher #green #hills than ever.

Cloudy days are great for #running and diffuse lighting. First full SFRC since my double Tam over a month ago, first full SFRC in a while (ever?) starting & finishing with a friend.

1. yellow daisies (I think?) on Old Springs trail
2. #selfie with Annemarie on top of Wolf Ridge trail
3. view from Battery Townsley towards Rodeo Beach and #SF in the distance
4. Rodeo Valley Trail start steps
5. Upper Rodeo Trail start looking up to the Alta Trail hills
6. red & yellow flower on Alta Trail

Can anyone identify the flowers in 1 and 6?

#trails #runner #trailrun #runners #50ktraining #optoutside #getoutside #fitstrongfierce #RodeoBeach #RodeoValley #MarinHeadlands #California #nofilter

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