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Bridgy publish to GitHub should turn profile URL links into mentions

on (ttk.me b/50m1) using BBEdit

When using Bridgy publish to GitHub, GitHub is smart enough to recognize issue links and repo links and provide short versions of them inline. However it fails to do so for profile URLs for some reason, just shows the full profile URL link instead of a mention, and does not notify the user mentioned.

It would be great if Bridgy Publish to GitHub (issues, comments) could recognize GitHub profile URL links of the form github.com followed by username, e.g. https://github.com/snarfed and turn them into the profile mention equivalent, e.g. @snarfed which I think also has the advantage that it will notify that GitHub user of that mention.

Recent real world Bridgy Publish example what would have benefited from this: https://github.com/chrisdavidmills/mdn-and-frameworks/issues/1#issuecomment-497395828

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