Deep green valley dotted with trees, bay and mountains in the distanceDense trees below the trail and up to the next hill, bay and a bridge in the distanceWave breaking at Muir Beach under overcast skiesLooking down shorts and trail shoes standing on the beach, the surf recedingLooking up Marincello trail, grass on both sides, trees on the left side and in the distance9 days ago, 13+ miles & 2500' at the final May #SFRC #trailrun. May had many ups & downs, emotionally & literally like this #run. Started at Tennessee Valley, ran up Miwok to beautiful green valley views (1) and distant bridges (2). Turned left onto Dias Ridge, ran freely downhill til I tripped & fell.

Somehow reacted quickly enough to roll towards the grassy edge, scraping only my right hand on gravel. Immediately got back up and kept running. Reached #Muirbeach (3), touched the #surf (4). Ran back up Coastal, down Fox, to the parking lot, just short of 13. Ran up #Marincello to finish my #trail #halfmarathon (5).

Tough but solid just two days after a Tam run, during which I also fell (down a ravine!) but that's another story.

#Marin #trails #runner #50ktraining #optoutside #getoutside #fitstrongfierce #MarinHeadlands #California #20190525 #latergram #nofilter

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