View of the Marin Headlands from Miwok north of Tennessee ValleyView from Coyote Ridge of the Marin Headlands with just the tip of San Francisco’s skyline peaking above.View from Coyote Ridge of Mt Tam under a blue skyCoastal trail forking into Fox and Coastal trails, Marin Headlands in the background, with a bit of downtown San Francisco peeking above, and Sutra tower just left of centerTennessee Beach looking north to the red brown rocky hillTennessee Beach with blue skies, blue ocean, and white surfLooking down, standing on a coarse sandy beach with ocean surf lapping red trail shoesRocky hill to the south of Tennessee Beach with just a bit of green on topLagoon ringed with green, amber hill behind it dotted with bushes, Pacific ocean in the distanceSunlight glistening on a lagoon, light green bushes in the foreground, dark green bushes on the hill in the back10+ miles at #SFRC today. #screentime vs #greentime. Have you gone outside today and filled your view with #green? (Hey @btconf friends!) It’s too easy when you’re tired, to just stay inside, going through screenfuls.

Flew back from Toronto last night, woke up at 06:00, awake, but tired. Picked up some coffee, and drove solo to #SFRC. Felt ok at the very start, yet awful just half a mile in. Kept pushing to the Tennessee Valley parking lot for a quick pit stop. Gathered myself and took off up #Miwok, feeling exhausted after 100 meters or so. Took deeper breaths, appreciated the sunshine, the blue skies, tried to distract myself with the nice green views(1).

Made it to the Miwok cut-off and decided I wasn’t doing the full SFRC route. Deciding to cut it short provided enough of a sense of relief to push extra hard the rest of the way to Coyote Ridge. Felt encouraged by the oncoming trail runners. After they passed I heard mountain bikers creeping up behind me, on a narrow single-track with a cliff off to the left? What were they thinking? I hate to admit I was annoyed; focused it all into breathing and leaping up the trail faster than they could crank their low gears. Made it back to the main Miwok trail, breathing hard, and let them pass now that there was room to do so.

Ran up Coyote Ridge to the top and took in the views of the South, tips of the #SanFrancisco skyline poking up behind the #MarinHeadlands(2), and the North, clear views of #MtTam(3). Inspired, ran down Coyote Ridge to Fox in personal record time.

Paused at the Fox and Coastal fork(4), unsure which to take. Drawn to the sea, I ran down Coastal toward the beach. Tennessee Beach was so beautiful, blue sky gradients contrasting the red brown rocks to the north(5), bands of blue ocean and frothy surf to the west(6), rising up the coarse sandy shore(7). There was still a bit of green left on the hills to the south(8).

#Running back along the valley trail, I looked back to admire the lagoon ringed by lush greenery, the Pacific in the distance(9). As I turned, the sunlight glistening on the water caught my eye(10).

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