Tantek about to eat an It’s It after finishing the Double Dipsea race, trees, other runners, and race tents behind himPerry and Tantek near the Double Dipsea race start, Tantek behind the yellow ribbon, race starting area behind themTantek selfie behind a bunch of other guys preparing to start their wave at the Double Dipsea raceTantek grinning, running, after having just crossed a bridge in the enchanted forestTantek kicking hard at the Double Dipsea finish line, under a red, white, & blue archTantek stopping his running watch just after crossing the Double Dipsea finish lineFinished my second #DoubleDipsea #race yesterday in 3:56:17!
Goals achieved:
✅ Finished strong
✅ Beat last year’s time by 3+ minutes, finished 615th of 706, and in time for an It’s It! (1). Started minutes before pal Perry (2 📷 Lily), at the back of my age group (3), knowing I’d start slow to warm-up.

The blanket of fog kept the sun off us, and made for surreal views. The mist was so thick in the forest that it rained. Swept through the Cardiac hill aid-station with only a brief stop to top off my water, and dove into the downhill. Everything felt faster this time, set my second fastest time down the Dipsea stairs, despite having to thread between other descenders, and those making their way up. Turn right-around at the Mill Valley aid-station cones without stopping, heard someone yell my bib number.

The Dipsea stairs ascent was hard, pushing to take them two at a time. Got passed by a few of the folks I’d passed on the way down, who I’d pass again on the final climb to Cardiac. Refilled my water bottle at the top and popped in a Nuun tablet. Ate a couple of salty potato chips, and drank two half-paper-cups of Coca-Cola (which tasted way better than I expected). Checked my watch and sped-off, knowing I’d have to push to finish under 4 hours.

Felt great cruising down the still foggy trails and through the enchanted forest. I was happy to see the photographer after the bridge (4 📷  Andrew Ng). Kept picking up the pace as much as I could, and passing many more runners up Insult hill and down towards Stinson Beach. Across the road and on the last bit of pavement, I saw a runner about 100 yards in front of me. He must have heard me because he turned around and picked up his pace. Pushed hard anyway, didn’t catch him, still kicked strong to the finish (5 📷  Monica Zorman). Stopped my watch just after (6 📷  Monica Zorman), and caught my breath which read just over four hours. Only after walking back around the finish and seeing the clock read 3:57 and change did I realize I’d forgotten about the handicap adjustment. I’d beaten my time from last year!

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