Tall tree in the foreground, Lake Tahoe and western mountains in the background viewed from Tunnel Creek RoadTantek, Ernie, Bryan, Vivek, and Krissi having lunch at a table at The Union brewpub in Carson CitySpooner lake before dawn, the sky brightening above dark hills, mist over the lake, TRT racers in the foregroundSun behind tall trees just after sunrise on the Tunnel Creek Road trailTall trees near Tunnel Creek road, Lake Tahoe in the backgroundWide dirt trail, sloping downward with trees on both sidesLarge vegetarian pizza on a table with classic red & white gingham patterned tablecloth at Mofo’s in Incline VillageSpooner lake with a cloud aboe the distant hills reflecting in the waterBay Bridge view of the San Francisco skyline, the setting sun poking through a couple of the buildings with a lens flare#trailtuesdaythrowback to #running & #hiking up the Tunnel Creek Road #trail at Lake Tahoe last Saturday to cheer Bryan & Krissi running the TRT 55k! (Spoiler: they did great!)

Great people to spend a weekend with starting Friday(2), then getting up at 03:30 (yes am) Saturday to get Bryan & Krissi to shuttles to the start before #dawn(3).

After seeing them set off (and a quick Incline Village Starbucks run), we hustled up Tunnel Creek trail just after #sunrise, the trees casting long shadows(4). Behind us gorgeous Lake Tahoe, the moon still visible(1). Ascended ~1700 feet to the nearest aid station at nearly 8000 feet up to cheer & photograph (using Bryan’s DSLR camera which I’d stuffed in my minimal backpack).

After our racers came through the aid station (twice), we ran back down, enjoying lake views(5), and a wide moderate downhill(6) descent. Having hiked and run 7.5+ miles, Vivek and I drove back to Incline Village to devour nearly all of a large veggie pizza(7) and enjoy excellent local cafe coffees.

It was quite warm by the time we returned to Spooner lake(8) to watch our racers finish.

It had been way too long since I last visited Tahoe. Yet it was nice to return home to San Francisco early Sunday evening(9).

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