Sunrise above low clouds, lighting them up with orange highlights, just below a higher layer of clouds, backlit ridge of Mount Tam in the foregroundStart of Temelpa trail, in the dark, lit unevenly by a headlampThe sun rising just above the low clouds, with the Mount Tam ridge and nearby trees backlit in the foregroundSun rising above a few layers of clouds viewed from the Mount Tam East PeakTrail runners at the top of Mt Tam, morning sky in the backgroundTrail runners perched on a rocky outcropping on top of Mt Tam, above the clouds, Mt Diablo in the background, the sun rising through the cloudsDescending Mt Tam into the cloudbank, the hills and trees disappearing into the clouds🌅⛰ #trailtuesdaythrowback to this morning’s beautiful #sunrise at Tam Tuesday! Started earlier this morning than usual, in darkness. After seeing Bryan, Hannah, and a few others disappear up the steps, I ran up the Mill Valley streets alone. Dark & seemingly empty while everyone slept, the #fog was particularly eerie, silencing any sounds. Whenever my headlamp lit up the fog’s swirling droplets, it looked like The Upside Down from Stranger Things. Hard to capture on camera(2).

Slowly the sky lightened, and the sun crested the fog in the East(3). As it rose it started to disappear behind another layer of clouds, orange tipping the tops of the lower clouds(1). When I reached the #MtTam #EastPeak it had risen above those #clouds as well(4).

Such a contrast of experiences, starting in darkness, running up nearly always alone, then seeing the sunrise, friends on the trails, and gathering at the top(5,6).

The #run down was quite scenic as well, descending right back down into the clouds obscuring the forest and town below(7).

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