Tantek wearing a white cap and orange shirt with Ocean Beach and the Pacific Ocean behind him on a sunny day.Spreckels lake glinting blue green, with trees on the far shore and a clear blue sky above.Sutro baths at the Lands End Lookout with green trails in the foreground, and a blue Pacific Ocean in the background, fog gathering in the distance.Golden Gate Bridge in the distance under blue skies, Lands End hills in the foreground, and a cloudbank hovering over the Marin Headleands on the left.Old air raid sirens on a tower in front of blue skies.Golden Gate Bridge viewed northward, with the towers aligned, their tops disappearing into the fog.Golden Gate Bridge viewed from Fort Point, solid white fog enveloping the tops of its towers.Golden Gate Bridge viewed from Crissy Field Marsh in the foreground, the sky a mottled grey mix of fog and clouds.🌞🌳🌊🌁 #Sunday #longrun! Ran 14+ miles on tired legs.

Planned to do a half marathon after Saturday’s 11 miles of Marin trails, ended up a mile-ish more. Slow start, but drank/fueled and felt pretty strong in the second half of Golden Gate Park. Spreckels lake sparkled in the sunshine(2). Reached the beach(1) and felt encouraged to go further. Ran up to the Sutro Baths for a beautiful view(3) and thru Lands End for a clear view of the Golden Gate!(4)

Happened to look upward in the Sea Cliff neighborhood and see an old air raid siren(5). Against the deep blue sky it reminded me of Depeche Mode’s Music For The Masses:

Depeche Mode’s Music For The Masses album cover.
By the time I ran up Lincoln Boulevard to the bridge, Karl the Fog had enveloped the tops of the towers(6). Ran down to the Warming Hut for another view(7) and over to Crissy Field Marsh(8).

Struggled up the final climb to the Presidio, and up to the top of Arguello Blvd, then easy cruising all the way home.

25+ mile weekend done! ✅

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