Stream of consciousness progression of emotional abilities, to develop, grow, and recognize in others.

1 emotional self-awareness
2 "" self-sufficiency
3 "" self-resilience

1 emotional listening
2 "" boundaries
3 "" communication


There is a progression of emotional abilities, from internal to external, and within each, abilities that progressively build on each other.

Internal emotional abilities

1. emotional self-awareness — becoming aware of your own emotions as they’re happening, growing understanding of immediate feelings and deeper perhaps longer term feelings and emotional states behind them
2. emotional self-sufficiency — ability to take care of your own emotional wellbeing and state in normal conditions
3. emotional self-resilience — ability to understand and handle atypical or external influences on your emotions and rebalance your emotional state

External emotional abilities

1. emotional listening — becoming aware of others emotional states, by both explicit listening and sensing, from what they say to physical (e.g. facial, posture) expressions etc.
2. emotional boundaries — becoming aware of and being able to separate your emotional state from others. when developing emotional listening, empathizing as part of understanding those emotions can make them feel like your own. emotional boundaries are a way to stay aware of both your emotions and others, distinctly  
3. emotional communication — starting with sensing and some understanding of your emotions and others, developing the ability to talk about your emotions with others, and listen to others talk about theirs

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