The sun shining brightly in a clear sky above a thing layer of haze behind a bit of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline from downtown to Sutro tower, Golden Gate bridge towers visible just below, a sunlit bay, and Marin headlands in the foreground.Emily taking a photo, distant hills, haze, the Pacific Ocean, and Marin Headlands.Eucalyptus forest and trail in the background, overwhelmed visually by sunbeams emanating from the left, piercing a couple of tall thin blue arcs on the right side.Emily runnin on Alta Trail, bright sun overhead in a clear sky, Marin Headlands in front of us, the tops of the Golden Gate bridge towers peeking up behind them, a tiny Sutro tower in the distance.Tantek standing on a hill, backlit by a bright sun in the blue sky, the San Francisco skyline and bay behind him, Golden Gate bridge towers visible behind the Marin headlands to the right, the 101 freeway far below, sparse with tiny cars.Emily taking a selfie of herself and Tantek with bright sun behind them, and the Golden Gate bridge towers poking above the Marin Headlands.🌞 🏙⛰ 11 miles of #SFRC #yesterday with pal @EmilyMueller88 under a bright sunny sky.

We started early from the Tennessee Valley trailhead parking lot, ran up Marincello to beautiful views on Alta Trail of hills rising from the ocean haze(2) south of the Golden Gate. My favorite spot on Alta Trail is a little #Eucalyptus #forest near its south end. Serendipitously captured booming sunbeams with deep #blue arcs(3) filtered through the trees. I don’t know the optics but the effect was beautiful.

Ran out to the SCA trail where it was so sunny and exposed it was hard to see when photographing, especially when #running. Emily and I traded off leading & following, I was able to get one backlit running shot(4). Emily took a backlit shot of me at the vista point a bit uphill from the SCA trail(5), before I took my own vista shot(1).

She took a selfie of us on the hill(6), we continued the rest of our run catching up on so much each of us had experienced since we’d last seen each other many months ago.

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