Huge crowd of trail runners cheering with their arms up, perched on top of rocks at the Mount Tamalpais East Summit with the bay and lands beyond in the background.Partly cloudy sky over the Temelpa trail start, bushes, trees, and trail steps well lit by the sunshine.Partly cloudy sky above a view of the East Bay, Richmond Bridgy, the bay itself, and Mount Tamalpais shadow starting to cover the land below.Sun low in the West, backlighting the Mount Tam East Summit hut and nearby rocks with a few people barely visible on top.Partly cloudy sky above a distant view of Tiburon, the Bay, the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, and the Marin Headlands all well below us.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ Mt. Tam PR on the annual Jorts run! (1. 📷 @1jorgemaravilla selfie) Final 2019 #run, finishing the year at 901 #running miles. #HappyNewYear friends.
2. #Temelpa trail start in the bright afternoon sun.
3. #MtTam casting a shadow below
4. Mt. Tam East Summit
5. San Francisco viewed from the summit

Despite my watch battery dying part way on the downhill, it still captured my ascent of Mt Tam, and enough of the descent for almost 6 miles of the 8.5 miles total roundtrip. That was just enough to push me over 900 miles for the year.

I haven’t run up Mt Tam in months, so the 84 minutes PR (personal record) felt good. My heart felt strong (not broken). I kept thinking of everyone I was grateful for this year, those I’ve known for years, and new friends I met in 2019. Love you all.

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