LEGO month calendar of January 2020A year and decade are arbitrary boundaries, yet this change feels different than others. Different from even a month ago. December went somewhat as expected, yet unexpectedly challenging in a couple of big ways.

After one last big push of work, I was going to rest, reflect, and recover from the year. Instead, the stresses of unexpected home repairs emptied emotional reserves already drained from months of pushing hard, harming my judgment, undermining empathy, leading me to make more mistakes, and likely causing (or perhaps accelerating an inevitable) break. Recovery and regaining my footing became my focus.

This month, year, and decade is still just beginning, and even if arbitrary, perhaps that beginning is an opportunity to refocus, keep giving myself and others time & space to heal, while rebuilding & strengthening in other ways.

The shedding I mentioned last month, still in-progress. The #transformation, accelerating in other ways. #Growth from being outside my comfort zone has shifted into growth from recovery. Still embracing #loving (to others’s capacity to receive) & #friendships into this year.

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