Blue sky with dotted with clouds, distant layer of clouds over the Pacific Ocean, peaking through rolling green Marin hills on either side of Tennessee Valley, buses in the foregroundSun rising over hills on Tennessee Valley road.Purple salamander on smooth trail, glistening in the sun, casting a long shadow.Tantek and Whitney with Muir Beach in the distant background,  blue & green waters in the cove.Whitney stepping down a muddy trail lit up by the sun behind her.Mount Tam with green hills under a mostly blue sky with a few ominous grey / dark grey clouds, light green bushes in the foreground on Dias Ridge.Pacific Ocean in the distance between green Marin hills, amber grasses with a few green bushes in the foreground on Dias Ridge.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ First #SFRC of the year today, 13.5 miles ✅ Finished first full route since #ECSCA, and longest run since too! It was a struggle TBH, leg muscles still tired from Tuesday’s Tam PR (tantek.com/t54M2), and an intense Thursday Baptiste yoga class. Thanks to #running pal Whitney for keeping us going!

Beautiful day, mostly blue sky, brilliant #sunshine lighting up a clear sky(2). Ran up Fox trail to views of the Pacific Ocean among green Marin hills on either side of Tennessee Valley(1).

Almost missed a pretty purple salamander on Coastal Fire road(3) on the way down toward Muir Beach with a mix of blue & green waters(4). It was quite muddy on the descent, thick, sticky mud which we had to carefully step through & around(5).

The climb up Dias Ridge was quite a slog, alternating running and walking. Whitney waited for me at the top of the ridge line where we captured photos of dramatic clouds above and passing in front of Mount Tam(6 📷 Whitney). I looked back to take in one more view of the Pacific Ocean(7) before continuing eventually onto Miwok, down to Tennessee Valley and back to our start.

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