Corona Heights Park, stairs going up and to the left on the green hill with rocky outcroppings on top.Sun rising behind Corona Heights hill with sunbeams emanating in all directions, lighting up the backlit hill.Sun over the bay, with sunbeams extending to the sides, and a sunlit bay, East Bay shoreline partially hidden by haze, San Francisco buildings in the middle, and the base of Corona Heights park below.Clear blue sky over distant North East Bay hills in the distance, San Francisco’s tall buildings and downtown on the horizon, with more buildings nearer, trees from Buena Vista Park on the left, a rocky outrcopping from Corona Heights park immediately in the foreground.Tantek in white barely visible on the top of Corona Heights Park summit, on the rock outrcoppings, with descending stairs on the left grassy side, dirt and rock formations to the right, all under a clear blue sky.Conservatory of Flowers building in Golden Gate Park under a clear blue sky, with flower beds, lawns, and paths in the foreground.Artistic bronze colored large metal icosahedron with hexagonal patterns cut into its faces in front of the Conservatory of Flowers building.🌄🌅 5 easy miles, up hills(1) bathed in sunbeams(2), the sun lighting up the bay(3), gazing upon clear weekend views of East Bay hills(4) from the top of Corona Heights Park (5 📷 @sweethartdehart), for a talk and walk to a snack. Run to the track for a quick lap, then to the park and the Conservatory of Flowers(6), where I found a mysterious icosahedron(7). Does anyone know what it means?

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