Scattered clouds on a blue sky with a few thicker clouds hanging lower and fog in the distance, the early morning sun hanging low and peaking through backlit tall trees at Lafayette park, the tops of a playground and wavy red roof of a nearby bus stop below.Yoga studio workout room with a heater and fan on the ceiling, a single support post on the left, steamed up multipaned bay windows across most of the walls letting in light and trees visible just beyond them, a small wide medium height cabinet set back in the center bay window with an alter to a small Ganesha statue on top, surrounded by small candles.Yesterday’s early morning sun and clouds peaking through the trees of Lafayette Park(1). I had just finished an early morning Vinyasa session @YogaFlowSF, in the main yoga room affectionately nicknamed the treehouse for its multipaned bay windows that bring in light sifted by evergreen trees just outside(2).

When Charlotte started our 7:10am class it was still nearly dark outside, the streetlamps were off, and dawn’s light was still quite dim. Practicing yoga with others while the room slowly brightened with natural light was a new experience for me. I felt a growing sense of energy and presence, from myself, and even when I closed my eyes, from subtle sounds and air currents shaped by the class’s movements.

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