Panoramic view of storm clouds to the South, an opening of nearly clear sky with clouds on the horizon and one big cloud nearer, and more storm clouds to the North above the Pacific Ocean at Ocean Beach with waves crashing and leaving behind a wet reflection on the sand of the same clouds but darker and textured with ripples as the water recedes back to the ocean.Thick clouds above a thin band of orange horizon backlighting some strands of rain falling from the clouds to the ocean, behind small crashing waves and a wet smooth sandy beach, a few birds on the sand looking for eats.Dark storm clouds with just a few gaps behind them where the light sky shined down, showing a reflecting on wet sand in front the waves at Ocean Beach.Dramatic storm cloud shedding some rain, distant open twilight sky with clouds lined with an orange tinge from the distant sunset, nearer spiky cloud dark underneath, all reflected by the wet smooth sand in front of Ocean Beach waves.Mostly clear twilight sky overhead, with a prominent spiky cloud in the middle, chaotic clouds in the distance hugging the horizon with the ocean, calm waves crashing, behind wet sand reflecting the spiky cloud and the clear sky.🌦🌊 Dramatic clouds last night at Ocean Beach. No sign of the setting sun, except a distant orange glow under the clouds above the ocean, lighting up strands of rain returning to the sea(2). Dark clouds hung over the beach, cracks in the distance letting in the light(3).

Just six minutes later the dark clouds had passed overhead, rain clouds to either side, revealing a twilight sky and dramatic clouds, a few with orange tinges from the distant sunset(4). Minutes afterwards the sky was even brighter(5).

As the sky cleared overhead, I happened to be standing in between rain clouds coming to shore(1).

Right place, right time. A moment of beautiful sky between rain clouds, before darkness.

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