Bryan, Tantek, and Krissi standing in front of a sign to the start of the Skyline to Sea trail, with a forest behind them.Light purple to blue sky above horizontal streaks of cotton candy pink and orange clouds above distant trees, a low fog, and mountains, driving down highway 280 with very few cars on the road.Mottled gray white clouds over a thin orange band on the horizon above the distant ocean, above distant dark green hills, with brown to light green hills in the foreground, a few dark green trees to the left and right.Dense tall trees, only their trunks visible on either side of a narrow but smooth dirt trail.Tantek running on a trail behind Krissi, with spotty green grasses and bushes on either side, a few low hung tree branches on either side.Healthy tree trunks surrounding a few long ago burned out and cut-off thicker trunks, now covered in moss, their split levels making them appear like big green chairs.Large redwood trees, their trunks visible on either side of Tantek running on the trail.Joined pals @BryanTing and birthday lady @theRunetarian yesterday for the first ~16 miles of her 30 on the Skyline to Sea trail run. My first time on this trail, by the time we reached Big Basin, I felt both physically spent (on only 4hrs of sleep), and mentally exhausted from nearly five hours of navigating a new-to-me somewhat technical nearly all single-track trail. Learning from practice, finding limits from experience.

Bryan drove us down from San Francisco before dawn, to quite a dramatic sunrise and low fog on 280(2). We started ~8:15 under thick clouds and ambient white light in a quiet forest(1 📷 @theRunetarian #selfie). Two miles in we emerged onto a ridge (where there was a convenient bathroom), the mottled white gray clouds stretching out overhead to the ocean, contrasted by the fresh green grass from recent rains(3).

The scenery was beautiful the entire way, the #trails narrow, the trees tall(4). Sometimes the #trail would cut through a small clearing(5 📷 @BryanTing). Occasionally we’d see an odd or interesting site, like abandoned old cars from the road above, or old burned out tree trunks, cut-off and covered in green moss like giant chairs(6).

The #trees got larger, thicker, as we approached and finally reached Big Basin park, surrounded by redwoods(7 📷 @BryanTing). A bit more #running around and I hit 19 miles. 30km would have to do for today.

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