Deep blue sky gradienting to light blue then white above above a blanket of clouds, with an airplane wing extending from the viewer’s perspective.Clear blue sky above a hazy horizon and a blanket of clouds, the top of a jet engine just visible in the lower sixth of the photo.✈️✈️ First flights of 2020. There are many changes we can make to reduce environmental impacts. Flying less is often suggested, disproportionately to its impact compared to meat¹ & clothing² production. I’m posting my flights for 2020 anyway.

In absolute environmental impact terms (climate change, pollution, water use etc.), air travel is far behind:
1. Eating meat (15% of greenhouse gas emissions, same as all vehicles)
2. Clothing consumption (10% of carbon emissions etc.)

It’s important to both recognize what causes more impacts, appreciate every choice every person makes to reduce environmental impact, and advocate for necessary systemic changes (industrial, policy etc.). We need to do all of them, and not fall for any either-or traps.

On this trip in particular, I’ve combined two trips into one longer one with remote participation for one of the trips, thus avoiding an additional four flights (nearly two more days of flying).

Eat what you have to eat to be healthy. Buy less stuff in general (including clothing). Fly and take transit as you need to for work. In each case see what you can reduce and what better choices you can make without self-harm, without judgment.

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* https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/climate-change-meat-industry-creates-same-amount-of-greenhouse-gases-as-all-the-vehicles-in-the-a6747561.html
* https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/25/climate/cows-global-warming.html
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2^ https://www.businessinsider.de/international/fast-fashion-environmental-impact-pollution-emissions-waste-water-2019-10/

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