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CSS Scrollbars should clarify scope for styling scrollbar controls, not layout or what is scrollable

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The CSS Scrollbars scope section provides details of scope but lacks a good summary. Per co-editor Rossen’s point in the CSSWG meeting today that “scrollbar-width/color just styles controls”, the spec should summarize that explicitly. Note that from start, CSS Scrollbars has had a intended conservative compat scope, rather than being a dumping ground for new feature requests, whether related or not.

This is an editorial change because it is summarizing the existing scope as long ago agreed by the working group. The goal is to help reduce the chance of future scope creep. Plan is to add a summary like this at the top of the scope section, based on @atanassov’s remark:

“The CSS Scrollbars Module is specifically for styling scrollbar controls themselves, e.g. their color & width in Level 1, and not their layout nor whether any content is scrollable. All layout impacts and content scrollability are specified in the CSS Overflow Module.”

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