Castle Charlottenburg with a green field in front, overcast skies overhead.Industrial looking buildings including a couple of silos, under an overcast sky, with the river Spree in front of them reflecting the buildings, the nearby shore barely visible at the bottom.A gravel path receding into the distance, lined by leafless trees planted in regularly spaced rows.Trees on the distant shore of a pond, with numerous ducks on the near shore, one of them on the shore, snack on a crumb.Overcast skies over a distant Castle Charlottenburg, a big pond in front of it, lined by leafless trees on either side.A single swan swimming slowly on a pond, partly darkly reflected in the water.Two swans at the shore of a pond, gazing sideways at each other and toward the concrete shore in front.🌳🏰🌳 Ran to a #castle(1) and back, #overcast & freezing cold. 5 miles done. Ran along the #Spree river, bit more industrial(2) than yesterday’s path.

Reached the Castle Charlottenburg grounds, ran up a path lined with leafless trees planted in perfect rows(3), until coming upon a pond. Ducks congregated near the shore, one of them braving the kids on shore to snack on crumbs left behind(4). Ran to the other side of pond, crossed a foot bridge, took in a distant view of the castle(5).

Ran back to the other side of the pond just as a single swan swam slowly(6) across the shore. It was rejoining its mate, the two of them seemingly communicating with physical motions and gestures, without a single sound(7).

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