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@cwilso @tabatkins @eevee amazing trail thru web history!

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Well done @eevee. More MacIE5/Tasman impacts per @jimmyg https://twitter.com/jimmyg/status/1213810286077054977

@ToddFahrner & I invented standards mode via DOCTYPE switch.

@ToddFahrner proposed DOCTYPE switching and strict/standards mode conceptually.

I was the first to implement it, because I invented the specifics of which DOCTYPEs should mean what with/without URL (through a lot of personal research of existing sites), and which features to flip. I worked with the Tasman team to slowly, conservatively grow the list of quirky or quirks mode features as needed.

I shared the specifics of this design with @cwilso and the Windows IE team, who eventually re-implemented it in IE6/Windows.

I deliberately did not publicly document the full set of quirky features because we wanted the option to remove them one at a time, as sites were updated to be standards compliant. We encouraged web authors to always use standards mode or strict mode in any new sites and site updates.

At the time (over 20 years ago) I published a few notes on a static HTML page as I developed the details:


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