Two parrots standing on a ledge high above the Embarcadero, the Ferry Building clock tower in the background.Bay Bridge and Treasure Island in the sun, distant East Bay partially obscured by smog, a couple of parrots on the nearby ledge in the shade.Bay Bridge in the sun, Port of Oakland in the distance, a large container ship in the bay, two parrots on the ledge immediately nearby.🦜🦜 Quiet day @MozSF yesterday, til the #parrots came to visit. Such a distinctive squawk, I heard it clear through the walls and windows. I looked over and one glanced at me, the other on the lookout(2). Walked out to the deck and they both looked over, now together(3). I walked over to the ledge and they looked at me and squawked more quietly, together(1).

I got the feeling they were saying one thing: hope.

And then they flew off, together.

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