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GitHub project “bridgy”

Explore support for Bridgy Publish to GitHub POSSE special responses to issues: close, re-open, lock, unlock

on (ttk.me b/5531) using BBEdit

GitHub issues accept a set of special responses via their user interface:

As part of using our own websites to publish and POSSE issues instead of GitHub, it would be great if Brigy Publish to GitHub could be expanded to handle these special response types.

As a first step, this issue is a request to explore the possibility and document any available GitHub API calls to do so, either purely as issue state change responses, or perhaps in the case of "close", the ability to close with a comment in the UI of an issue by clicking the "Close issue" button to the left of the "Comment" button (when available to the user).

More documentation of brainstorming special responses to issues and broader considerations, e.g. issues state change special responses on other systems, see the IndieWeb wiki: issue: Special Responses

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