Partly cloudy skies with puffy clouds over a series of dark green hills dropping off into the ocean, a bit of froth as the wave crash against the rocks where the hills meet the sea, a cove where the water cuts between adjacent hills.Partly cloudy sky above green hills on both sides of a valley, a bit of ocean visible behind them, a small lagoon and trail in the valley below.Partly hazy sky above the Ocean, looking down on a rocky cove between hills, waves crashing on the rocks, a rocky outcropping on the nearby hill.Blue sky with a few scattered clouds above rolling hills, a single-track dirt trail winding its way forward between grass and bushes.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ 27 days (<4 weeks!) til #MUC50. 10 miles at #SFRC yesterday, practicing a few more of the race course trails.

Yesterday morning’s Coastal Fire Road ascent was much clearer than the week before, with a nice view of Tennessee Valley, the tiny lagoon and beach where it meets the ocean(2). Feeling more confident about the Pirates Cove descent & ascent(3) after running it two Saturdays in a row. The view from the top(1) of that trail could be so many places along the California coast, or even parts of Hawaii.

Ran down near Muir Beach, and up Middle Green Gulch trail, to Coyote Ridge, then down Miwok back to the Tennessee Valley parking lot. Had a bit more time so ran up Old Springs Trail, taking in the view(4), and imagining what it might look like at dusk.

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