Inside of a yoga studio with hardwood floors, several wide floor to person height windows, each subdivided into a rectangular grid, three of them pushed outward in the style of bay windows, a medium sized distressed wood painted white dresser with a hardwood top holding a plant, candles, and a small Ganesha statue, above ceiling with several pipes running along the top painted the same color as the ceiling, a few room heaters mounted well above person height.🧘🏻‍♂️ Taper moods are tough. Much less running this week. Some days not at all, like this past Thursday, where I still made it to early morning yoga @YogaFlowSF which helped a bit. Still, I can feel the increased impatience, anxiety, irritability, and others. Doing my best to alternately keep myself busy and sit with / reflect on each emotion, to allow it to process.

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