Mostly cloudy early morning sky, thicker towards the horizon, with just a few cracks where dawn’s light can be seen, lighting up buildings in the distance, diffusely backlighting a palm tree in Alta Plaza park, with a paved path in front of it, and green grass on both sides of the path.Dark of night in front of the outdoor steps of Alta Plaza Park, only partially visible by headlamp.Bits of light blue sky peaking through mottled clouds that grew thicker towards the horizon, with just a few streaking cracks letting through yellow and orange light, the buildings in the distance mostly in darkness with their lights still on, streetlamps illuminating the street and houses below, a path barely visible, with green grass incline and decline on the sides.🏙🌴 Yesterday’s birthday started in extra darkness, from a combination of Daylight Savings Time and the @Nov_Project_SF early gang start time; the Alta Plaza park steps lit mostly by my headlamp(2). Only near the end of the normal time workout did the sky start to light up, the usual dawn color gradients obscured by clouds, leaving only hints of the beautiful blue yellow orange sky(3).

Even after the workout the sun was nowhere to be seen, only indirectly present through a gradually brightening sky, and a few distant streaks of orange on the horizon(1).

I brought my own lights, a personal tradition when my birthday falls on an #NPSF workout day. Grateful for this community and the friends I’ve made here.

We had breakfast at Jane on Fillmore after, I tried their blueberry creamcheese brioche in addition to my usual egg-white breakfast sandwich with extra cheddar.

Took the day off from work as we are encouraged to do. Spent it mostly quietly, explored the new Devil’s Teeth Bakery which was open til 19:00 yet stopped making breakfast sandwiches at 15:45. Ran a few errands, picking up supplies, tools, and sushi for dinner.

Went home, called my parents, caught up and reflected on many things. Ate some soup and my sushi dinner, social distancing in preparation for my race this weekend.

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