Downtown San Francisco viewed from Twin Peaks, with blue skies above, East Bay hills poking out of distant fog covering their buildings, lots of houses and such in the foreground from Buena Vista Park, to Corona Heights, to the Castro and Mission, with the green hill and a hairpin turn just below.Indoors, no lines at the counters, empty seats in a waiting area to the right, signs above indicating which counter and line to go to for what.Heavy fog covering all but the bottom edge of the Golden Gate Bridge, above a very green Crissy field in the foreground, with a gravel path immediately in front of that.Yesterday a quick morning trip up to Twin Peaks, to see clear skies above San Francisco, with a distant fogged in East Bay(1). Just before they closed I bicycled to the DMV to renew my license, very helpful employees, no lines, nearly empty(2).

Drove to Sports Basement to pick up my #MUC50 things, and resupply some Nuun and Picky Bars. Stopped by Crissy field where I finished my last ultra(3), the #ECSCA 50k and half marathon the next day, as a reminder of what I did mere months ago.

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