California poppies up close, among a mini-field of them, blurrier in the distance, blurry downtown San Francisco in the distance, East Bay hills, white, gray, and dark blue clouds above.🌸🏙☁️ A week ago today I ran my first 50-miler (https://tantek.com/t55b1), the hardest thing I’ve done. I knew I’d need 2 weeks of physical recovery. It’s also taken a week of mental recovery to start feeling like myself again.

The shelter-in-place and various cancellations have helped in some ways, provided challenges in others. I chose to sit still, breathe, do some yoga, eat deliberately, go for a walk every day, sleep as needed. Show up to commitments, keep in touch with close ones, love within my capacity to do so, toward others within their capacity to receive.

The past few days I’ve gone on easy runs too, culminating today in a run up to Twin Peaks. I stopped for a ground level view, appreciating immediate beauty(photo) before running up and over the peaks and returning back down the hill.

The physical healed the mental.

Update: a few more photos from that day: https://tantek.com/t56D1

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