A large white cloud on a very dark blue sky underlit by city lights, most prominently two segments from streetlights outlining the edges of Market street converging in the distance, a dark hill in the foreground, to the left the top of Twin Peaks and its few utility buildings lit with a few lights, two thin dark transmission towers rising above them.After sunset view of downtown San Francisco from Twin Peaks North Peak, light blue sky with scattered clouds, Market street edges lit by segments of light from its streetlamps merging at at a distance, hills in the foreground sloping downward.Just after sunset clear bright view of downtown San Francisco under a light blue sky with a few hazy clouds, city lights already lit, the nearby hairpin road turn in the shadow of the hill leading up to Twin Peaks vista point.Temporary yellow metal barricade blocking the full width of Twin Peaks Boulevard with an orange cone in front of it, and NO STOPPING TOW AWAY signs attached to it in a couple of places, behind it a bicyclist swerving towards the right edge of the gate, and the hill up to Twin Peaks itself.Sunset between trees at Buena Vista Park, sunbeams glowing past, and backlighting the bushes.Sunset at Buena Vista Park, yellow sky and an orange pink cloud visible between the tree branches, nearby plants backlit and tinged with orange.☁️🌃🏙⚠️🌲☀️🌳 Late run this past Sunday, the sun had set by the time I reached Twin Peaks(3) and kept running south to the North Peak(2). In anticipation I had worn my headlamp, turning it on for the return run after running past the South Peak and mini third peak after that. First time seeing the city at night from the North Peak(1), a view only for those willing to run/hike trails in darkness.

Earlier that day (or perhaps Saturday) the north side of Twin Peaks Boulevard was blocked off to cars with a gate, allowing only foot traffic, and a few intrepid bicyclists who had to swerve around it into the dirt on the side(4).

Started Sunday’s run with an ascent to the top of Buena Vista Park for sunset views filtered through foliage(5,6).

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