Yesterday @moral_imagining, @solarpunk_girl asked us to tell a story of this time, from the future. I wrote this (edited)

There was so much fear
As we started sheltering
we felt safer and yet more lonely
Venturing outside, it was so quiet
Fewer cars, fewer machines making noises
Even in the city, we heard nature’s sounds
from the crows to the parrots
We closed streets to cars,
welcoming runners, hikers, bicyclists
Without cars, without their noise & pollution,
more animals wandered near us.
Coyotes, birds, rabbits, squirrels
Even red tailed hawks swooped near the ground,
showing off the bright tops of their tailfeathers
Strangers started to greet strangers,
as they passed each other at a distance,
Maybe a smile, a nod, a wave, a hello,
perhaps a brief exchange of greetings,
well wishes, introductions to pets
Slowly, our sense of fear
transformed into a sense of solidarity

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