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@w3cdevs @mozilla Thanks @frivoal @TzviyaSiegman! Honored to rejoin you @W3CAB with Tatsuya Igarashi, @daithesong, @fantasai, Avneesh Singh, Eric Siow, @LeonieWatson, @cwilso, & Judy Zhu.
Auspicious times. Protests worldwide declare Black Lives Matter; as elected leaders we must ask uncomfortable questions about privilege & institutional biases @W3C.

When I was last on the Advisory Board (AB), I asked W3C Management (W3M) to provide a report on diversity of W3C, and in 2018 gender & geographic barcharts over time were provided for the AB, TAG, and W3M:


We must provide more details and do better.

For example, what percentage of the AB, TAG, and W3M are white?

As far as I know, these W3C leadership groups lack even a single Black individual.

How many (if any) are in the Advisory Committee as a whole?

If W3C truly represents the interests of world-wide web standards, it’s long past time to ask these and other uncomfortable questions about who holds positions of authority & power @W3C. We must have the courage to ask them, and keep asking them, and actively work to dismantle systemic biases.

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