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Consider browser engine diversity impact on web standards in general, beyond W3C

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As a place for bringing together interested and concerned parties about browser engine diversity and standards, this repo would be useful for considering web standards in general beyond W3C, and the impact upon them by the participation (or lack thereof) of one or more browser engine implementations. How different orgs (IETF, WHATWG, TC39, etc.) approach these challenges and questions may help provide common approaches worth considering.

While the origin of this repo is from a W3C TPAC session, it was clear from the broad and diverse participation in that session that this is an area that goes beyond W3C, and thus we should consider expanding the README accordingly, noting browser engine diversity issues and opportunities across multiple standards organizations, and leave the W3C-specific parts as part of the origin (but not any restriction in scope) of this repo. If this general approach is non-controversial, I can make pull requests to update the README accordingly for specifics.