Tantek wearing a buff taking a selfie at the Mill Valley Depot with Nick, Paddy, Olivia, and Emma safely distanced in the background.Nick, Emma, Olivia, and Paddy running up the first stretch of road of the Mt Tam climb.Handpainted Black Lives Matter sign, black paint on a white background, leaning against a wooden fence, a few tall green grasses overlapping part of it.Tall green bushes on both sides of Temelpa trail, a small pine tree on the right side that has been decorated with ornaments.Very hazy and foggy view of the bay and a barely visible outline of downtown San Francisco, one tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Sutro Tower in the distance, from the top of Mount Tam’s East Peak.Hazy view of the bay looking east from Mount Tam’s East Peak, bushes in the foregrount, Mount Diablo peaks poking up through the fog.Tantek taking a selfie at Mount Tam East Peak with a hazy view of San Francisco in the distant background.Screenshot of PurpleAir showing Mill Valley, the Marin Headlands, and the North half of San Francisco with a wide array of 100+ AQI orange red bubbles.⛰ Tam summit #13 of 2020. Started(1) just before Emma & Olivia’s time trial. Barely made it up the first road before Nick caught up leading the speed train with Paddy bringing up the caboose(2). #BlackLivesMatter signs are present in many of the yards(3) on roads up to Tam.

Part way up #Temelpa #trail *someone(s)* had decorated a fir tree with holiday ornaments!(4). The views from the summit were the haziest I’d ever seen, SF(5) and Mount Diablo(6) barely visible. Despite the haze and cold (42F), it was one of my quicker recent ascents(7). On the way down I checked PurpleAir and the AQI was 100+(8) which would normally make it too hard to run. Perhaps the trees & bushes filtered the air along the trail. I could smell wood burning stoves & fireplaces as I ran back down the road to Mill Valley. Finished my 9th Tam ascent & descent on the same steep route (AKA H.A.M. on Tam) and returned to the Mill Valley depot where I started.

Congrats @emmakayemccune on a new Tam Ascent Course Record! And Olivia on a new PR! Well done you two!

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