ran the Spartan Turkey Trot #5k #race in 31:11 (MV CA, 8°C). my 2nd fastest on the @SpartanTurkey5k course, and first #turkeyTrot in 4 years! A pleasant surprise.
niece(11) crushed it in 23+min, nephew2(14) in 29+min, dad in 38+min. #turkeyTrot2021

Arrived early at Mountain View High School to do a warm-up, my first “proper” warm-up before a 5k. ~10min moderate steady running, a 1min intense push, then 4x 30s strides, and walked it off.

Found my dad, niece, nephews and waited in wave 2 only a few minute before we got started.

First mile felt a lot stronger than any flat road mile I’ve run in quite some time, at least a couple of years. Passing the 1 mile marker at under 10 minutes felt really good. Paced slowed a bit, but still passed the 2 mile marker at under 20 minutes. That’s when I knew I had a chance at a 31-something time. Tried to keep pushing in the last mile or so, and it went faster than I expected.

When I reached the track for the last 300m, all my Kezar training kicked in.  Gradually picked up the pace until I kicked as hard as I could on the final 100m straight, passing several, not being passed by anyone.

Stopped my watch after crossing both timing strips after the finish arch: 31:13. Official result: 31:11 (updated)
Feels like with some training I could get a sub-30 next year.

More: https://www.spartanturkeytrot.com/

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