Happy Earth Day!

Thanks to the W3C #sustainability Community, we’ve created a W3C Sustainability Community Group (CG)!


Last fall at my #TPAC2021 Sustainability session I proposed that W3C needed to consider sustainability for horizontal review. We now have a community group for discussing exactly that.

Copied from the W3C Community Slack:

Note past/existing CGs which this proposed group is not intending to replace (thanks Nick Doty for digging through CGs)


I’m proposing starting the CG with myself (with background as leading the Sustainability session at TPAC 2021) and Nick Doty (experienced co-chair of Privacy Interest Group) as co-chairs to start with, and certainly open to adding additional co-chairs (especially those with both topical experience/expertise and experience de-escalating conflicts and promptly resolving Code of Conduct (CEPC) violations)

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