#TwitterMigration, first time?

Have posted notes to https://tantek.com/ since 2010, POSSEd tweets & #AtomFeed.

Added one .htaccess line today, and thanks to #BridgyFed, #Mastodon users can follow my #IndieWeb site


No Mastodon install or account needed. Just one line in .htaccess:

  RewriteRule ^.well-known/(host-meta|webfinger).* https://fed.brid.gy/$0  [redirect=302,last]

is enough for Mastodon users to search for and follow that @tantek.com@tantek.com username. Took a little more work to setup Bridgy Fed to push new posts to followers.

Note by the way both the redundancy & awkwardness (it’s not a clickable URL) of such @-@ (AT-AT) usernames when you’re already using your own domain.

Why can’t Mastodon follow a username of “@tantek.com”? Or just “tantek.com”?
And either way expanding it internally if need be to the AT-AT syntax.

Why this regression from what we had with classic feed readers where a domain was enough to discover & follow a feed?

Also, why does following show a blank result?

Contrast that with classic feed readers which immediately show you the most recent items in a feed you subscribed to.

Lastly (for now), I asked around and no one knew of a simple public way to “preview” or “validate” that @tantek.com@tantek.com actually “worked”. You have to be *logged-in* to a Mastodon instance and search for a username to check to see if it works.

Contrast that with https://validator.w3.org/feed/ which you can use without any log-in to validate your classic feed file.

Why these regressions from the days of feed readers?

on (ttk.me t5MZ1) using BBEdit